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Wooden chair made of beech plywood, stackable

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Colour: Black

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  • Responsible Production
  • Limited Quantities handmade
  • Directly from the Manufacturer
  • Responsible Production
  • Limited Quantities
  • Directly from the Manufacturer

The ARRIVAL CHAIR is a compact, stackable wooden chair made of beech plywood. It combines thoughtful functionality with economic efficiency and blends timeless design with sustainable production.

The aesthetics of the ARRIVAL CHAIR are inspired by the conditions of production. In addition to the choice of materials, the possibilities of the machines used have a strong influence on the form. The design of the chair places its production at the center and allows its users to understand how a piece of furniture was created from wood.

Design: STUDIO RE.D ■ Made in Austria

Material & Surface

Beech plywood, oiled

Black stained and lacquered beech plywood

Includes plastic gliders

Size & Weight

W x H x D: 44cm x 82cm x 50cm

Weight: 6kg


The Arrival Chair is produced at Tischlerei Pichler in Forchtenstein, Austria.


Care Instructions:

Wipe the surface regularly with a dry, clean cloth to remove dust and dirt. If stains occur, use a mild cleaning solution diluted with water and gently wipe the affected area. Afterward, use a dry cloth to remove any water and soap residues.

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Reduce arrival chair on concrete stairs
Reduce arrival chair at a table
Two recuce arrival chairs, one halfway occluded by glass
Three Reduce arrival chairs from top

As studio re.d, Kerstin Pfleger and Peter Paulhart create products that are reduced to their essence in both function and aesthetics, making them understandable and therefore fascinating for users. Studio re.d assists manufacturing companies in perfectly tailoring their products to customer needs, accompanying them in all stages of product development, from the initial product idea to production transition.