About RE.D

Who is RE.D?

Kerstin Pfleger, Peter Paulhart and Alexander Liendl are behind the REDUCE.DESIGN brand, or RE.D for short, and together we produce and sell design furniture for conscious living.

"With our minimalist furniture, we want to promote a conscious lifestyle by focusing on the essentials. We are interested in furniture with meaning."

We are RE.D

Each piece of furniture tells a story. A story that tells of the here and now and draws attention to the simple and essential.

Our designs follow minimalist forms with a pleasant clarity. Stylepark about our design philosophy "The use of materials and energy is reduced to a minimum and a new aesthetic is derived from this".

What does RE.D stand for?

Viennese furniture brand

Kerstin and Peter founded the young Viennese furniture brand REDUCE.DESIGN in 2021 after graduating from the University of Applied Arts. Alexander, an expert in online marketing, joined the team as Managing Director in 2023. With REDUCE.DESIGN, we have dedicated ourselves to the topic of "conscious living" with the production of minimalist furniture.

Minimalist design

Between constant availability, deadlines and personal goals, we are finding it increasingly difficult to focus on the here and now. With our timeless, often restrained furniture designs, we want to contribute to deceleration and promote mindfulness with pleasant clarity. Our minimalist design philosophy is expressed in a reduced product complexity, which allows us to focus on the essentials. This also makes us more aware of the importance of furnishings.

Conscious living

In today's world, where we can have almost anything, mindful, minimalist living is much more about focusing on the essentials. It's about acting consciously and opting for high-quality furniture that makes you happy. Because every consumer product, every thing demands its time and craves our attention. Time that we can use instead for a conscious and intensive engagement with the things that are important to us.

Regional production

We attach great importance to careful, regional production. Our furniture is manufactured with care and attention to detail at our company site in Vienna, Austria. The short production paths guarantee high quality standards for our design furniture.

Two Reduce Nour One cups in white one upright and one on the side

Reduced to the essentials

Our designs are based on the responsible use of resources. This has a decisive influence on the appearance of our furniture.