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About Us

Industry: Furniture Industry

Year of foundation: 23.12.2021

Registered Office: Hermann-Glück-Weg 6/4/1A, 1120 Vienna, Austria

Team: Kerstin Pfleger, Peter Paulhart, Alexander Liendl

Management: Alexander Liendl

Our Story

REDUCE.DESIGN: An impressive team of design entrepreneurs is shaping the future of mindful living.

The young Viennese furniture brand REDUCE.DESIGN was founded in 2021 by Kerstin Pfleger and Peter Paulhart after graduating from the University of Applied Arts. Alexander Liendl, an expert in online marketing, joined the team as Managing Director in 2023. REDUCE.DESIGN has dedicated itself to the theme of "mindful living" with the production of minimalist furniture.

Their timeless, often restrained furniture designs aim to contribute to deceleration and mindfulness with pleasant clarity. The furniture is characterized by a reduced product complexity, which allows us to focus on the essentials. This is intended to create more awareness of the here and now and encourage people to pause for a moment.

REDUCE.DESIGN presents the Moments, Pure and Arrival collections, which implement the concept of "mindful living" in a variety of ways. The Moments collection uses residual materials to bring sustainability to life, while the Pure collection reinterprets familiar shapes with its designs, contributing to a sense of calm and serenity. The Arrival collection focuses on the reduction of materials and machines to emphasize resource-saving production.

Peter Paulhart, founder of REDUCE.DESIGN, says: "We are not interested in creating needs to increase sales, but in producing things that we actually need."

All furniture is developed and manufactured in Vienna, Austria, with the utmost care and attention to detail, which guarantees high quality. REDUCE.DESIGN's most recent success is winning the coveted Austrian Interior Design Award 2023 with the Arrival Chair, which underlines the special work.