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Porcelain vase, glazed inside

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  • Responsible Production
  • Limited Quantities handmade
  • Directly from the Manufacturer
  • Responsible Production
  • Limited Quantities
  • Directly from the Manufacturer
NOUR LEVEL is a small table object that can be used as a vase, pen cup or decorative sculpture. The transparent glossy glaze on the inside ensures durability. For soft colors and a matte finish, the porcelain is uncoated on the outside.

Design: LENA BEIGEL ■ Made in Austria

Material & Surface

Porcelain, glazed inside

Dishwasher, microwave and food safe

Size & Weight

W x H x D: 9.6cm x 10cm x 3.7cm

Weight: 0.25kg


The NOUR series is produced in a small workshop located in the 16th district of Vienna called Mano Design.

The grooves on the surface of the objects are a byproduct of the manufacturing process. Instead of covering them as usual, they are consciously addressed and become the essence of the design.


Care instructions:

The products from the NOUR series are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. The outer surface of the NOUR series is untreated and has a rough texture. For manual cleaning, we recommend avoiding the use of cleaning tools such as a scrubbing sponge, as they may get stuck in the rough surface.

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Lena Beigel's work balances between the familiar and the unfamiliar. At first glance, harmonious shapes and materials offer subtle corners and edges where the eye can engage and discover something new. The idea of becoming part of another person's everyday life through the objects she creates is an important source of her inspiration.